Comparing Sienci Labs

Spindle System

Sienci Labs
Spindle System



$895  (1.5kw 80 Air-cooled)
Boot $6-$150 (maker files available)



80mm Air-cooled 1.5kW spindle

80mm Air-cooled 1.5kW spindle

Bit Capacity

ER20 up to ½” shanks

ER16 up to 3/8" shanks

Dust Boot

Available Separately (ranging from $6 for maker files to $150 for complete product depending on boot chosen)

80mm/4” Dust Boot

VFD Enclosure

Pre-wired and feature-rich Enclosure with Plug-n-play inlet ports.

No mention of an enclosure, unlikely to include one.


6 meter shielded spindle cable,
pre-programmed VFD unit
Spindle cable extensions available.

5 meter spindle cable, no mention of shielding
pre-programmed VFD unit

EMI AC Filter

AC Filter (Inside VFD enclosure)

No mention of EMI AC Filter

Power Requirements

110v or 220v options available

110v option only

Speed Control

Automatic control via CNC’s controller or via Manual Override and VFD’s keypad

Automatic control only


Includes 1/8", 1/4", and 1/2" ER-20 collets

Includes 1/8", 1/4", and 3/8" ER-16 collets


High quality and thick collet wrenches

Basic Collet wrenches


20-Month VFD warranty against manufacturing defects
6-Month Motor warranty against manufacturing defects

No mention, likely 12-mo

IoT Plug

Built into enclosure
IoT Power Strip sold separately which will automatically start/stop your chiller/pump and extraction system.

Not offered, available, or mentioned

Run Relay

Built into enclosure

Not Included

ATC Compatible

Yes, Our spindle systems are fully upgradable to an Automatic Tool Changer.  
Checkout our latest Youtube video where Daniel is installing our ATC onto his Shapeoko 5 Pro CNC machine.


Programming Locked Down

No, we believe thoroughly in openness and transparency.  It's your spindle system after purchase, you should have the ability to explore the features and expand functionality.  VFD manual available


Relocatable VFD Keypad

Yes (variety of mounting options available and uses standard cat5 computer cable)
The ability to relocate your keypad allows you full control over your VFD and Spindle Motor.


Manual Override Switch (MOS)

Yes, Running your spindle in manual mode allows you to easily surface your wasteboard by jogging around.  MOS allows you to control your spindle the same way you would a palm router.


Relocatable MOS

Yes (requires special 2-wire cable)
This allows you to relocate the MOS alongside your VFD's Keypad.


Braking Resistor Port

Yes (plug-n-play braking resistor sold separately)
Braking resistors allow your spindle motor to slow to a stop faster which improves your workflow and lets you pump out more products faster.


Shielded Spindle Cable

Yes (shielding prevents EMI interference with your stepper wires)


Machine Compatibility

Any / All machines 
We work very hard to provide compatibility with any and all CNC machines on the market.  This allows you to easily switch machine brands and take your spindle kit with you.

Compatible and supported for AltMill’s ONLY.

No-Leak Kool Connectors?

Yes available separately for water-cooled motors +80
We've partnered with Koolance to offer these unique motor mounted no-leak coolant connectors.  Allowing you to disconnect your coolant tubes for maintenance without making a big mess.

N/A, Air-cooled motor option only

Testing and Break-in



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