Q: What type of bearings do our spindles have?
A: 4 steel angular bearings, although ATC's have ceramic bearings.

Q: Why buy PwnCNC plug n play over any others?
A: Checkout our detailed article here.

Q: Does the VFD have vector control?
A: yes, it's called "Sensorless Vector Control" which is very common for VFDs.

Q: Can we get kit to work with any CNC machine?  
A: yes... we have worked with several CNC Machine companies to get our spindle and ATC systems compatible.

Q: How long can I expect my spindle to last?
A: Spindles are expected to last for many years.  Signs of failure would be sandy-sounding bearings or high-pitched.  This means your spindle requires maintenance and possible bearings replacement

Q: Why is there a large discount for an ATC upgrade path?
A: We have invested in our spindle system customers and offer a discount that is roughly 75% the value of a plug n play spindle system.  Note that many of the Spindle System parts and pieces are reused with the ATC System.

Q: How long has PwnCNC been in business?  
A: We started selling awesome products in August of 2019.  Sold our first spindle system in fall of 2021, and first ATC system in fall of 2023