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Kool Connectors
Kool Connectors

Kool Connectors

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MOTOR CONNECTORS set only.  These are not compatible with the Chiller.

Do not overtighten these connectors.  They are brass and over tightening will cause them to split.
Hand tighten only!  We’ve installed hundreds of connectors without issue.  Broken connectors will NOT be replaced.

I worked with Koolance to design a custom male fitting that screws directly onto your spindle; replacing the current tube connectors. These quick disconnect fittings feature a no-spill design that allows for extremely easy maintenance of your machine.

What's Included?
  • (2) PwnCNC Exclusive M8 Male fittings
  • (2) Tube 10/6mm Female fittings

Installation instructions can be found here: Kool Connectors

These connectors are fully compatible with our Clear Tubing, available by-the-foot.
If using with our Blue/Orange PU tubing, it helps to heat up the tip of the tube prior to pressing onto the female Kool connectors.

Note:  If you ordered these with your spindle system, I will pre-install them onto your spindle motor and they come included with the ATC System

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Kool Connectors

Very nice connectors. They are very easy to mount and use and no leaks at all every time i disconnect them. For reference the male fittings have a M8 x 1 mm thread pitch (fine pitch).

Roger Hicksonsnook

Kool Connectors work well fit it no worry
and water pond pump work ok New Zealand power plug . everything great I feel good .

Adam Riddle
No leak first try

The original connectors I got with the spindle were impossible to install successfully with the tubing. I was going to get other fittings but it is a very odd thread that really I could not find. I did find adapters to common thread size, but that adds up in cost by the time you get adapters and then the fittings you need as well. Bit the bullet and bought these somewhat expensive connectors because it does give a very convenient advantage of quick disconnect and reconnect. So far so good, they fit perfectly the m6 1.0 thread and no leaks anywhere. I have not disconnected and reconnected much.

David Chamberlain

Very clean- no drip connections- It was super easy to install and worth the effort and price.


So easy to assemble the quick connect coolant fittings. Makes is a breeze to connect to the spindle