ATC System
ATC System
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ATC System

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This is a "bundler" product... you must answer the questions on this product page and we'll add the different parts to your shopping cart related to your answers.

PwnCNC's ATC Systems are done right.  They are packed with lots of features as well as high quality parts from manufacturers we truly believe in.  We know you'll like this system for your hobby cnc as much as we do.

What makes PwnCNC's ATC System different?

We've spent more than a year developing the perfect ATC System for our hobby CNC machines.  Every ATC System is fully tested and includes the highest quality parts to make your experience as plug-n-play as is humanly possible.  All of our cables are properly shielded and drained to reduce electrical noise.  We add a special EMI Power Inlet Filter to our VFD enclosure which ensures high voltage wiring is safely hidden inside.


  • Multiple 4-bearing 4-pole motor options are available:
    • 2Hp 1.5kw 110v 80mm Water-Cooled
    • 3Hp 2.2kw 220v 80mm Water-Cooled
  • Motors use ISO20 tool holders with ER20 collets
  • 1.5kw 110v Motors draw 12A while 2.2kw 220v Motors draw 10A
  • Our Metal-capable ATC Motors are 4-pole motors with speeds up to 24k RPMs
  • RPM can be fully controlled by your G-code no matter which machine you own via PWM or Modbus "Automatic Control". 
  • Automatic tool changing features are limited CNC controllers that can support it.  We are researching various ATC capable controllers.  Currently documented is the Masso Controller.
  • Manual tool changing feature is available on every CNC controller.  This is where you're pushing a button to change tools by hand.

What's Included with our Full ATC Systems?

Inventory - PwnCNC

    • Pre-wired and Pre-programmed VFD with our latest v5 Enclosure design.
      • Detachable keypad with dial speedometer (extendable via cat5 cable and keypad mount, not included)
      • US Power Cord (either 110v 5-15P or 220v L6-20P)
      • includes "Quiet mode" (which means the VFD's fan turns on only when needed)
      • PWM and Modbus automatic control capabilities (controlled through g-code programming)
      • 20mo manufacturer's warranty on VFD
    • Expertly engineered Pneumatics Enclosure
      • 3 regulators are housed within this enclosure. 2 are for the tool changing operation with a third available for a "future improvement".
      • US Power Cord 110v 5-15P is included.
    • ATC Motor with 4-sealed ceramic angular bearings and 4-poles
      • 1.5kw w/ISO20-ER20, 110v, 80mm diameter round body, 0-24000rpms
      • 2.2kw w/ISO20-ER20, 220v, 80mm diameter round body, 0-24000rpms
    • 20' Hand Crafted Plug-n-Play Spindle Power Cable and Sensor Cable included.  If you'd like longer cables, checkout our Extension Cables. Sensor cable extensions available here.
    • (3) Matching Collets to hold the most common bit sizes
    • (4) ISO20 Tool Holders additional tool holders available separately
    • (4) Flush Tool Racks additional and alternative racks are available separately.
      • (2) ISO20 Wrenches (one for shaft, another for collet nut)


    • MTC button and safety wire are included
    • Pneumatic Tubes
    • Kool Connectors
    • Note:  We are working directly with Onefinity to include a new ATC cable Inlet with their newer machines.  For existing Onefinity Elite customers and Masso controller owners, we provide the inlet and instructions for wiring it into your controller available here.

    What's Not Included: 

    • 12' Hand Crafted Plug-n-Play Control Cable sold separately (auto-added in drop down).
    • Cooling pump or chiller available in the water-cooled dropdown selection. They come with a single 30' length of your choice of Superthane or Silicone tubing (When in doubt choose the Superthane, you'll be glad you did.). If 30' is enough, and you require 40', just purchase the additional 10' at the time of your Cooling System and you'll receive a 40' piece. (Chiller only available in 110v. Pond pump available in 110v or 220v for international customers)
    • Coolant liquid (either mix of antifreeze/distilled-water or window washer fluid is recommended)
    • Reservoir bucket which will be filled with coolant and the included pump will be submerged into. (a 4gal bucket is the perfect size.)
    • Air Compressor capable of supplying 95psi of dry air pressure is required but not included.
    • Pneumatic Air Dryer and you can expect to spend $100+ on one at Amazon. 

    Additional Documentation:

    Spindle Cooling Options demonstration:

    Mounting the VFD and PE demonstrated here:



    What are the power requirements?

    You'll need to provide one of two types of power depending on which motor you choose:



    What type and how many bearings are part of the ATC motors?

    Both of our ATC motors have 4 sealed ceramic angular bearings for long life and efficiency. 

    I have a Shapeoko with a BitSetter, can I continue to use it?

    Short answer is yes... during the MTC tool change... after inserting the new tool-holder with the desired bit preinstalled, you'll hit continue in the software and proceed with the BitSetter operation of measuring the bit before continuing with your carving.

    Why does it cost so much?

    ATC's are an industrial product that we've made available for hobby CNC machinists like yourself.  It has taken us a full year to develop, engineer, and perfect all of the components of this rather complicated system.  It's also worth noting that PwnCNC is a small company bringing innovative and unique products to the market.  We don't have millions or even tens of thousands to order pallet loads of supplies all at once.  We've also poured our knowledge into this ATC System with features not found anywhere else.  The testing, integration and wiring work takes time. 

    What is the runout of our motors?

    According to our motor manufacturer, runout of our Spindles is 0.01mm (High accuracy).

    Can I carve mild-steel?

    Short answer... yes.  Our ATC motors are all both Metalworking motors easily capable of carving aluminum and yes... even mild steel.  Our typical Woodworking motors are 2-pole 400Hz motors that have a usable range between 8000-24000 RPMs.  However we wanted to bring you the best ATC motor option available.  Thus both of our ATC motors are 4-pole 800Hz motors that provide the higher torque at lower RPMs which is required for Metalworking.  Learn about one customers experience here.

    Notices and Warnings:

      • Note that you're responsible for the shipping of your VFD from your location to PwnCNC (225 Grant Pl, Suite C, Lowell, AR 72758).  This way you can schedule it and decide which shipper you'd like to use. 


    • FYI: International orders, there's a $2500(US) limit on shipments, so your ATC and any accessories you order with it will be split into two different shipments.
    • For those purchasing the Upgrade ATC System... the included free VFD Enclosure upgrade is only available to original verified owners of our Spindle System.  Please be prepared to provide your original order number if asked.  If you purchased our Spindle System second-hand, you'll have to also purchase the VFD Enclosure upgrade which is sold separately if your VFD is anything other than v5.
    • Our ATC System is more than capable of plugging into a large variety of CNC machines for the purposes of MTC functionality.   We are working on documenting all ATC-Capable CNC machines in order to fully support "them all".  However we can't possibly own every single one, so we've listed the controllers we do own and support so you'll experience the most plug-n-play system we can provide.  If you have a controller not listed in the options above... it will work but there may be some required research or working with the manufacturer to determine if they support a plug-n-play ATC/Spindle such as ours.  You can find additional information on hooking up our ATC System into your CNC Controller here:
    • Onefinity Black-Box controllers should be upgraded to firmware 1.3 or greater to receive the best experience.   Although not capable of full ATC functionality, this and many other CNC Controllers are cable of our MTC functionality.
    • Shapeoko 5 Pro's Warthog controller has an extremely poor quality PWM signal. Plugging into their Spindle port will result in incorrect RPM commands coming from the controller.  An ICSP header is available within the controller that provides a cleaner PWM signal.  We have designed a pigtail (purchased separately) that is working great in our testing.  
    • There is a difference between the Onefinity Elite control cable and the Masso G3 control cable. All Onefinity Elites have a Masso, but not all Masso's are on a Onefinity Elite. If you have an Onefinity Elite, pick that. 

    Reach out to us via if you have further questions.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    Difficult to program, but works well once programming is done.

    Daniel Schimpfoessl
    Great hardware - rough documentation and integrations

    Loved the hardware, setup was a breeze. Connecting to the Masson on my OneFinity is a struggle as the documentation is not complete.

    Donald Currier

    ATC System

    Brian Troup
    PWNCNC ATC Is Absolutely Exceptional.

    As a person who has been running CNC machines of all types for over 25 years, I will admit that I am not easily impressed by anything in the hobby/small biz market anymore; but with this ATC system and the supporting team at PWNCNC, I can be nothing but profoundly impressed.
    Install has been much easier than I anticipated and is backed up by lots of easy-to-understand instructional documentation. I could not have asked for more.
    Performance has been outstanding thus far. This ATC motor has the power to cut all day, and never got above 31c in my hot Florida garage.
    I'll be honest. Looking back, my Onefinity Foreman Elite was naked without this ATC. I have only had it running solid for about 8 days, and I have already saved so much time.
    Chris and Daniel have been fantastic to work with. PWNCNC, you have gained a customer for life. I am glad I found you.

    Michael Lavin

    This thing is amazing. They made it as easy as possible to set up and be plug and play. Just mind blowing we have this capability on a hobby grade cnc.