Dust Boot v9 Bundle for Onefinity

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Are you confused by the many options we have for buying our v9 boot for your Onefinity?  Well... here's the solution. 

Our v9 Bundle Includes:

This is all picked out and ready to ship.  All you need to provide is the 4" flex-hose and the Onefinity machine.


Customer Reviews

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Michael Bell
best dust boot I've used so far

We cut a lot of XLPE for and the stuff loves to stick to rails and ball screws and clog them up. After an 70 minutes long cut the not a bit of foam stuck to any of the troublesome components of the cnc.

excellent overall

excellent overall but in first homing left arm got hooked on tramming bolt and cracked it, however I was able to repair it and after replacing tram bolts with grub screws it is good to go, so check your clearances before first use. One suggestion I have is that there would be option for brush length since it comes with 1" brush witch doesn't leave much clearance for clamps especially on thin material. I will order 2" brush when it comes available.



Bill Losh
Amazing business

Everything came very speedy, went together very well, and they are always there to help on everything they sale. Would highly recommend them.

Fatherson Woodworking
Dustboot V9

I recently purchased the v9 dust boot from PwnCNC. I am really happy with the unit, the engineering is very well thought out and it works beautifully. It was easy to assemble, had to clean a little bit of the 3D printing from a couple of the parts to aid with the assembly, but nothing major. I had it attached to my Onefinity within 30 minutes with minor adjustments for my spindle. I would strongly recommend this dust boot - if all their products are made this well, I'd recommend any of them!

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Dust Boot v9 Bundle for Onefinity

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