Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

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Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • PwnCNC VFD w/110v-13amp maximum capacity
  • Detachable keypad with dial speedometer (extendable via cat5 cable, not included)
  • Includes "Quiet mode" available (P1.0.23=2 will enable)
  • PWM/GND and RS485 software control capabilities (more info on this will be released later)
  • DIN rail or surface mountable
  • 20mo manufacturers warranty

See our documentation for the VFD's manual.  

Note:  VFD does not come with a power cable, however we recommend this one:

Also note that we recommend plugging the vfd into a dedicated 15 or 20amp circuit.

Checkout our spindle kit manual for details on how we program these VFD's.

Warning:  Buying the individual components does not come with full support.  This is equivalent to buying a kit off from Amazon.   You are expected to program the vfd, choose the correct power cord, solder your own spindle cable, and most importantly troubleshoot your vfd and spindle motor errors if something goes wrong.  
We try to help where we can by publishing documentation here: but buying individual components, you are taking on setup and troubleshooting responsibility that would normally be provided when you buy the spindle in a kit.

All this said... know that we have a very active facebook group and if you have questions, feel free to bring them up there.  We love our makers and want to encourage this sort of thing... no matter if your goal is to save a few bucks or delve into designing your own spindle kit.