Ultimate Hose Clamp (Parts Picker)

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The Ultimate Hose Clamp (UHC) is a highly modular clamping system for your dust hose that has a variety of "Attachments" to match your specific dust hose diameter.

Components and Ideas for the Ultimate Hose Clamp

UHC - Base
The UHC starts with the choice of "Base" which is how the hose clamp attaches to your machine.  Our "Base for Stepper motors" is the most common and mounts easily onto any NEMA 23 stepper motor.  We have two options of nema stepper bases, the standard base and a 90deg, then 2 options for spindle bases, 65mm & 80mm


UHC - Arm Size (Does not apply to spindle bases)
The Arm size is the length you need to extend out from the base before adding your "Attachment".  This length is broken up into inches and can easily be measured following this article: https://support.pwncnc.com/kb/article/12-choosing-the-correct-uhc-arm-size/
When in doubt... our X-Large arm is the most common required.

UHC - Attachment
All UHC's require an Attachment.  This is the very end of the hose clamp and is what grabs ahold of your hose and keeps in it in position.  Our 2.5" Vertical hose attachment is most common since it perfectly grabs hold of the Ultra Flex 2.5" hose from Amazon.  Next up is the 4" Vertical which grabs hold of the Ultra Flex 4" hose from Amazon.
We have a variety of attachments available to fit your hose perfectly... measure the outer diameter of your hose and match up with one of our attachments.


Machine Notes:

If you have the Shapeoko 3 with a Belt-Z... the 90deg base is what you're needing.
If you have a Onefinity and want a 90 degree base with an arm and hose attachment, confirm clearance based on your setup. Bases and arms are ~1" thick

Example configurations are here Ultimate Hose Clamp components
If you have any questions were are definitely here to help.  Reach out to us at support@pwncnc.com with what hose you're using and how you're thinking of attaching it to your machine and we'll gladly point you in the right direction.

Assembly Instructions:  https://support.pwncnc.com/kb/section/7/

This is a "bundler" product... you must answer the questions on this product page and we'll add the different parts to your shopping cart related to your answers.

Note:  All parts are in black.  Colored part images are just to distinguish the individual pieces that make up each module.

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Ultimate Hose Clamp (Parts Picker)

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