Ultimate Hose Clamp for Makers

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3d Print your own Ultimate Hose Clamp with these maker files.

Digital Files Only:   Each Complete Makers Pack comes with everything you need to make a complete clamping system.  If you're only making one.. this is all you'll need.

Extra Drop-Arm Makers Pack:  If you already have the Ultimate Hose Clamp and want to add the Drop-Arm to your setup... this pack is what you need.

Digital Files Contents:
  • Arm:
    Standard, Large, XL, XXL
    Drop Arm: 2", Drop Joint
    Extension Arm: 1", 2"
  • Attachments (Clamp): 
  • Angled: 1-1/2", 2-1/2", 4"
    Straight: 1-1/2", 1.9", 2-1/4", 2-1/2", 4"
    "The Tube" Clamp
  • Base:
    Onefinity mount
    65mm Spindle Mount, 80mm Spindle Mount as well as our stepper base mounts. 


A few important notes about our maker files:

1. If there are any updates to this design, you will have access to those by purchasing this maker files product.  The system will send out an email when/if these maker files are updated. 

2. Hold onto the email you receive with the download link.  This will allow you to download files indefinitely.

3. We have started to sell our files for a very low price to cover hosting fees.  We felt that our previous files-host wasn't up to the task of servicing our customers and we wanted to provide better support for our makers out there.

4. During the checkout process we are linking your account to the maker files you've purchased.  This will let us better help you by understanding what you've made vs what products you've purchased.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Joe Draheim
Hose Clamp

Maker file was great… I don’t mind paying for comeplete products but buying maker files and watching items come to life is a real treat…😀 The files also give us a chance to modify the item if need be to fit our cituation.
Thanks so much for offering these files.

VFD & Spindle start up

Very easy to install and setup. Good quality product. No issues.

Great Print

It is great to have the ability to download files to print locally. If any mods needed due to local configuration, having access to these files make that process much easier. Thanks!

Scott MacDonald
Ultimate Hose Clamps for Makers

Digital files worked perfect with my Bambu 3D printer. Was able to buy the inserts and magnetics on Amazon. Living in canada this is a great solution to pricey shipping charges.

Matt Schoenholz
Great files, easy to print, good instructions

These files are great for those with 3D printers. I had some initial issues with printing PETG but got that dialed in and printed these with no issues.

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Ultimate Hose Clamp for Makers

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