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The Tube

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The Tube is the ultimate in dust extraction visibility ;-)

This little attachment connects to the 90deg elbow and v2/v3 dust boot (both sold separately) and adds a PwnCNC MagLock adapter at the top of your gantry... quickly and easily attach your MagLock male adapter equipped extraction hose to the top. To grab onto the tube with a special tube attachment (included) that must be used with the Ultimate Hose Clamp (also sold separately).

What's included?
  1. MagLock Ring that you'll glue to one end of the tube.
  2. Customized boot adapter which needs to be glued to the other end of the tube.
  3. Ultimate Hose Clamp Tube-Attachment (attachment piece only, you are required to own the UHC)
So, what else must I purchase? (the tube will not install properly without these additional parts)
1. If you don't already one it... the Ultimate Hose Clamp.
2. The 90deg Extension Adapter or the newer Extension Adapter with 90deg option.
3. Last thing you'll need is either the MagLock Round adapter or the MagLock Converter for your existing hose adapter.

If you have questions... reach out to me via the contact page, linked below, and I'm happy to help.

Note:  The tube has proven compatibility with Shapeoko 3, Shapeoko Pro, and Onefinity.  If you have something else please reach out to with photos of your machine let's see if we can make it work.