SuckIt Boot Adapters for Makers

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Do you own the SuckIt dust boot and want your own boot adapter that perfectly matches your extractor... the file you want is in this digital download.

If you have an extractor that's not included... reach out to us at and we're happy to design the perfect boot adapter for it.


A few important notes about our maker resources:

1. If have purchased the Maker Files product and we make any updates to the design... our system will send out an email with updated download links. 

2. Hold onto the email you receive with the download link.  This will allow you to download files indefinitely.

3. We have started to sell our maker files for a very low price to cover hosting fees.  We felt that our previous files-host wasn't up to the task of servicing our customers and we wanted to provide better support for our makers out there.

4. During the checkout process we are linking your account to these maker resources you've purchased.  This will let us better help you by understanding what you've made vs what products you've purchased.

5. Maker Files are provided on an as-is basis. 

If you'd like to create a video that we can share with other makers, we are definitely interested and we'd make it worth your while.  Reach out to us via

6. Whenever possible, we provide both a "Maker Files" product as well as a "Makers Pack" product.  By purchasing both, you'll have the best experience when making any of our products.