Stepper Covers for Shapeoko 4 v2

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Color: Yellow
Dust and debris was causing me some issues... introducing Stepper Covers for Shapeoko 4.
These simple covers screw onto either side of your X gantry. They cover over the belt and stepper motor gears in order to keep dust away from this vital area of your machine. Integrated brushes help to push dust away from your Y gantry belts to reduce the frequency with which you must clean your V-Wheels. These work wonderfully with the homing proximity switches that are now standard on Shapeoko's.

What's included:
- Left and Right cover with mounting screws
- Large acrylic side plates
- 1" brush material you cut to size and slide right into either end

Notable information:
- Minor assembly required to cut the brushes and slide them into the brush track on either side.
- These have been tested and validated to work properly on my Shapeoko 4 (circa early-2021).

I do not guarantee these will work with other year models of the Shapeoko... but will work with you to make them fit properly if you're willing to provide measurements and photos.

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Stepper Covers for Shapeoko 4 v2

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