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MagLock Intake is an interesting solution to a somewhat common problem for folks using our dust boots.  Their extraction systems are more powerful than the boot can handle. 

What happens?  the brushes tend to curl inwards and the extraction system's motor tends to run at a higher pitch than it should.
Why?  because the system is being starved of air. 
Solution?  Add an extra air source... in this case adding an adjustable opening in the side of the extraction line.  This lets you adjust the size of the opening to ensure the proper airflow is there and reduces the suction being applied directly to the bristles.
Basically... MAX suction is not required for a very efficient dust boot.

It comes in two sizes... 2.5" and 4" for all your home woodshop needs ;-)

What's Included?
One round adapter part, circular cover, and two MagLock Rings. Upon receipt, please super-glue the two MagRings onto the round adapter just like in the product photos.  Do not glue the circular cover, it should rotate freely.

What's Not Included
2.5" or 4" MagLock Round Adapter which is the hose side connection. Available individually or part of our Tube bundle or Z-Dependent Boots (V7 or V10)
Attachment on the other end of the Maglock Intake. 

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MagLock Intake

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