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Color: Yellow
Our famous Lever Clamp has become a staple among hobby CNC folks since their inception in 2019. None of our other products have been so successful and have gone through no design changes. 

This clamp features a reversible design with the rear of the clamp incorporating a small ledge perfect for clamping thinner stock. The PwnCNC Lever Clamp also features an innovative slider for easy adjustment of the fulcrum while staying relatively level and attached to the main clamp body. The clamp is compact to keep it lean and light which lets you place it into tight spaces.

The Lever Clamp has an extremely low profile design which is perfect for not interfering with your spindle and bits. In case a bit does make contact, it will slice through the clamp like butter preventing damage to the bit. Simply replace the clamp and you're back to work.
Our Standard Lever Clamp measures 136mm x 30mm x 17mm and sits less than 6mm above your stock. The Mini Clamp measures 98mm x 26mm x 17mm and sits just over 5mm above your stock.
We know you'll love our new Lever Clamps with its sleek design and how useful it will be in your CNC operations.

Each clamp comes with the clamp body in your choice of color between yellow and black and an attached yet movable black slider. Screws and Washers customer provided.

Note: Some minor fraying is expected within the slider/track area this is due to the 3d printing process.
Instructions: Clamping

Customer Reviews

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David Kazanowski
Lever clamps



Good quality easy to use

Sam Allred
Yellow lever clamps are my goto

I purchased the yellow lever clamps and have been very satisfied with these clamps. They are my go to for holding down my work on a Shapeoko 3xxl CNC. I have accidentally bumped into them a couple times with my end mill but because they’re plastic no harm was done to the bits. I purchased a second set of four for backup and extra clamping when needed. Love the color and for almost a year now they have worked flawless without any issues. I use a t-track with either 1 1/2 or 2” long 1/4 20 bolts. I also have a larger round nut with a plastic handle that I use for tightening the clamps to the workpiece and table.

Excellent hold down

Very sturdy and holds well. I'm using hex head bolts on 2" centers and am able to clamp almost any thickness/size of wood. Haven't had any problems with breakage.

Edward Munguia
Great customer service

Great product. Great customer service. Highly recommended.