Dust Boot v10
Dust Boot v10
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Dust Boot v10

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Dust Boot v10 is our newest dust boot and it is just so awesome.  First off it solves the Onefinity Elite issue we ran into with our v7 design.  Specifically, the tolerances between our 80mm spindles and the Z-20 carriage were just too tight. Thus, v10 features a band/hose clamp mounting design which minimizes the amount of space required while maintaining all of our awesome v7 design features.

Supporting 80mm spindles with either a 2.5" or 4" hose intakes:

  • A removable magnetic Spacer, Wide Brush Track with 2" bristles, and Narrow Brush Track with long 1.5" bristles. Additional tracks are available as well as other brush lengths.
  • Large acrylic base-plate which provides easy viewing of your cutting bit. Pro-Tip shine a pen light and have a great view of your cuts in action.
  • 2.5" OR 4" MagLock (female) receiver embedded directly into the boot for super easy cleanup in front of your machine. Corresponding MagLock Male hose adapter also included.
V10 Narrow Track Upgrade Pack Available here 

Assembly of your V10 Dust Boot can be found here 

Note:  v10 is designed specifically for our 80mm spindles and the Onefinity Z20.  It is not compatible with our 65mm spindles, Dewalt or Makita palm routers at this time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Randolph Johnson
Looks great

Iv not got to use it yet machine still has not come yet but every thing looks great

Bradley Uffner
A very effective dust boot, with some minor usability issues

This dust boot is extremely effective at collecting dust. The primary issues that I've had is that the body extends so for out in front and a very low height which can interfere with clamping. Boots on other CNCs I've owned solve this by using longer bristles, allowing the boot to be positioned higher up on the spindle.

Overall I'm very happy with this boot now that I've adapted to the clamping issues.


Awesome! Love it and works perfectly.

Katherine Hontz

Still waiting for onefinity to get my machine.

Dave Bergh

Dust Boot v10