Dust Boot v10
Dust Boot v10
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Dust Boot v10

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Dust Boot v10 is our newest dust boot and it is just so awesome.  First off it solves the Onefinity Elite issue we ran into with our v7 design.  Specifically, the tolerances between our 80mm spindles and the Z-20 carriage were just too tight. Thus, v10 features a band/hose clamp mounting design which minimizes the amount of space required while maintaining all of our awesome v7 design features.

Supporting 80mm spindles with either a 2.5" or 4" hose intakes:

  • A removable magnetic Spacer, Wide Brush Track with 2" bristles, and Narrow Brush Track with long 1.5" bristles. Additional tracks are available as well as other brush lengths.
  • Large acrylic base-plate which provides easy viewing of your cutting bit. Pro-Tip shine a pen light and have a great view of your cuts in action.
  • 2.5" OR 4" MagLock (female) receiver embedded directly into the boot for super easy cleanup in front of your machine. Corresponding MagLock Male hose adapter also included.
V10 Narrow Track Upgrade Pack Available here 

Assembly of your V10 Dust Boot can be found here 

Note:  v10 is designed specifically for our 80mm spindles and the Onefinity Z20.  It is not compatible with our 65mm spindles, Dewalt or Makita palm routers at this time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Robert Simmerman
Great dust boot!

I did all the research before ordering a dust boot for my new Onefinity Elite router, and settled on the V10. It's working flawlessly so far, even sucking up the majority of dust and chips when flattening, using a 2", 3-cutter bit. Love the adjustable height via magnetic spacers, as well as the included small and large skirts.

Patrick DeBellis
Superior product design

Works great! Excellent quality product! I am particularly impressed with the metal clamp they used to connect around the spindle. I need to remove the boot often when I attach my laser and reattaching the boot with the metal clamp is a breeze—with no worries about stripping the threads on the clamp. I like the easily adjustable attachments and with brushes for different carves and depths. I was so pleased with the 2 1/2 dust boot version that just bought the 4” version to use with my dust collector. Using the dust collector is so much quieter when I’m doing long carves. Everything I’ve bought so far from PWN—spindle, cables, and 3D printed parts have all been outstanding products. They are also very friendly and knowledgeable when I need help or advice. Again, outstanding service and support. PatD

Bob Hillhouse
Boot works!

Some observations:

Assembly instructions refer to M3x10mm button screws but cap screws were included? My v7 came with the appropriate screws.

3D printed black ring cracked as the provided M3x10mm screw was about 3mm from meeting the plexi so...I grabbed the flange from my v7 which fit and already had the 2.5" maglock ring. While I was at it, I used the M3x10mm buttons from the v7 boot.

When tightened (just snug) to the spindle, the band clamp tail sticks out JUST long enough to catch the lower edge of the Z20 frame - modified by clipping the band.

These aren't complaints! Just observations. I didn't contact support to request replacements. I can work with what I have. The boot works with my CNC.

Ken Floyd
Gets the job done

Well made and well thought out. Especially like that the brush bristles are angled away from the bit, when they contact the work surface they extend away.
My 1hp dust collector with the V10 leave nothing behind.

Harvey Featherston
Great product, even better service

This dust boot works better than I expected. Had a few problems with my order and they replied quick and had me going very quickly.