CW-3000DG Chiller

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CW-3000 water chillers are suitable for our PwnCNC Spindle Motors.
They provide stable working conditions for spindle motors.  They include an alarm output port that can be wired into your CNC Controller if it's supported.
Water can be used for a long time with it's high heat dissipating capacity.


Notes: The CW3000 water chillers are equipped high speed fans inside, but is a passive cooler and will NOT able to control the water temperature and is only available in 110v. 

This is for the chiller only. It does not come with hoses. If you would also like hoses, visit this listing for an offering by the foot. Clear Tube

For more information visit our kb articles: Spindle Cooling (Air / Water)

Customer Reviews

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Richard Duncan
Excellent cooler

Starting using this chiller the other day. I was hesitant at first from some reviews talking about how loud the fan was. Not sure what else to say but, I’ll be nice, it’s loud at all. Very puzzled by such comments. I’d recommend this chiller to anyone. And for only $250? Really??

CW-3000DG Chiller

I've only had the unit for approximately two months and so far it's performed like a champ. The ultimate test will be during the summer months as I reside in Northern Alabama and the temperature in my workshop isn't regulated. Definitely please with the purchase.

Tube Connectors could be improved

For the price of the chiller I thought there would’ve been better fastener for the tubes (inlet/ outlet) at the rear of the chiller. I got the upgraded quick connects tube fasteners that connect to the Spindle. But when I opened the box I was surprised to see two cheap steel hose clamps for the tubes that connect to the rear of the chiller. Come on PwnCNC you guys can do better than this. There are other options you guys can offer us for the money that we are paying for this product.

Kind of loud...

The fan on the chiller is way louder than my spindle. Not what I was expecting.

John G.
Great chiller

Received chiller with quick connect lines and silicone tube. Item is as advertised and works great! PWNCNC is very responsive and helpful. Very satisfied with the whole experience. Highly recommended!

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CW-3000DG Chiller

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