Shipping Info

Current Lead Times

Lead times are are divided into three parts:  Small Orders, Spindle System Orders and ATC System Orders

We understand customers are very excited to see how their orders are progressing and get an idea of when they are expected to arrive.  Know that we are diligently working to improve our fulfillment process and deliver high quality products to you as soon as possible.

Although our shopify website does not offer pre-ship status updates, we do try to keep the following tables updated on a weekly or daily basis. 

Notice:  There was a delay in receiving certain parts like VFD's however this has been remedied and we're all-hands-on-deck to get orders out as fast as possible.

Note:  If you have a login for our website, it will not list your order until it is shipped.  Know that we do have it in our system and we are working hard to ship it out as soon as possible.  Once it ships, you'll be able to log into our website and see the status of the shipment.

Small Orders

Small orders are basically any order not including a Spindle or ATC System.  These orders are processed every week-day and should ship out one week or less.  We have a person whose job it is to process, fulfill, and ship small orders as the first thing they do upon arriving each day.  Rest assured these orders, unless you asked us to hold it and ship with your Spindle or ATC system, will go out within one week or less.

Spindle Systems

13466 - 13529 - by July 19

13533 - 13622 - by July 23

13637 - 13711 - by July 26

13720 - 13844 - by July 30

*We had to push wait times out one week due to waiting for a VFD part to be shipped.  Mid July orders are still on track for 2 weeks.

ATC Systems

This product is our most complicated yet and we do a whole lot of testing.  Everything from motor break-ins (similar to Spindle Systems), to on-machine stress testing.  This goes especially for our Pneumatics Enclosure (PE) which is entirely of our own unique design including patent-pending technologies.  The PE takes a while to build and are put through many intensive rounds of testing to ensure quality and reliability. 

Order Num Range No Later Than Shipped
12051-12275 Jul 26th Jun 6th
12276-12400 Aug 2nd Jun 6th
12401-12672 Aug 9th Jun 29th
12673-12790 Aug 16th Jun 29th
12791-12818 Aug 23rd Jun 29th
12819-12900 Aug 30th Jun 29th
12901-13050 Sep 6th Jun 5th
13051-13200 Sep 13th Jun 5th
12963 / 12589 ASAP
13201-13500 Sep 20th
13501- Sep 27th