Shipping Info

Current Lead Times

Lead times are are divided into three parts:  Small Orders, Spindle System Orders and ATC System Orders

We understand customers are very excited to see how their orders are progressing and get an idea of when they are expected to arrive.  Know that we are diligently working to improve our fulfillment process and deliver high quality products to you as soon as possible.

Although our shopify website does not offer pre-ship status updates, we do try to keep the following tables updated on a weekly or daily basis. 

Notice:  There was a delay in receiving certain parts like VFD's however this has been remedied and we're all-hands-on-deck to get orders out as fast as possible.

Note:  If you have a login for our website, it will not list your order until it is shipped.  Know that we do have it in our system and we are working hard to ship it out as soon as possible.  Once it ships, you'll be able to log into our website and see the status of the shipment.

Small Orders

Small orders are basically any order not including a Spindle or ATC System.  These orders are processed every week-day and should ship out one week or less.  We have a person whose job it is to process, fulfill, and ship small orders as the first thing they do upon arriving each day.  Rest assured these orders, unless you asked us to hold it and ship with your Spindle or ATC system, will go out within one week or less.

Spindle Systems

10976 - 11540 - by late April/early May - if you have a water-cooled 80mm motor* (we have 65mm water-cooled in stock)
11357 - 11540 - by April 19th - if you have an air-cooled motor or 65mm water
11552 - 11748 - by April 26th - if you have an air-cooled motor or 65mm water
11552 - 11745 - by May 10th - if you have a water-cooled 80mm motor (we have 65mm in stock)
11755 - 11879 - by May 10th
11885 - 11984 - by May 14th
11989 - 12124 - by May 17th

* Your order is delayed because we are out of stock of 80mm water-cooled motors.  G-Penny is supposed to have the shipment ready any day now.  Partly the delay is from the Chinese New Year catch-up. Steps we are taking to prevent future delays: we plan to have 3 months' stock rather than 2 months' stock of all motor types, and we are implementing a new inventory prediction software.  THANK YOU for your patience during this time as we transition to a larger business with higher inventory needs (but still a small business on the grand scale, so WE APPRECIATE YOUR PURCHASE and we do not take for granted that you chose us for your spindle needs!)

Please get in touch with support if you need a free shim for a Makita Router to get you by as you wait for your spindle kit.

ATC Systems

Since this product is our most expensive yet, we subject this product to a whole lot of testing.  Everything from motor break-ins (similar to Spindle Systems), to on-machine stress testing.  This goes especially for our Pneumatics Enclosure (PE) which is entirely of our own design.  The PE takes a while to build and are put through several intensive rounds of testing to ensure quality.  As a result we can only fulfill a hand full of orders every week.  
Just like in other areas of our business, we're actively implementing systems and hiring people to ensure we can quickly and accurately fulfill ATC System orders.

The whole team has really come together and we are now two weeks ahead of expected delivery dates.  Please know we are doing everything in our power to accelerate our shipping of all orders.  


Order Num Range Later Than Shipped
7400-7999 Feb 9th Feb 21st
8000-8800 Feb 16th Feb 21st
8801-8854 Feb 23rd Feb 23rd
At WorkbenchCon’24 Mar 1st N/A
8855-8869 Mar 8th Mar 8th
8870-8882 Mar 12th Mar 11th
8883-8915 Mar 15th Mar 14th
8916-8930 Mar 22nd Mar 21st
8931-8955 Mar 29th Mar 27th
8956-8999 Apr 5th Apr 1st
9000-9050 Apr 12th Apr 2nd
9051-9130 Apr 19th Apr 11th
9131-9250 Apr 26th Apr 12th
9251-9510 May 3rd
9511-9660 May 10th
9661-9875 May 17th
9876-10295 May 24th
10296-10500 May 31st
10501-10935 Jun 7th
10936-11100 Jun 14th
11101-11300 Jun 21st
11301-11465 Jun 28th
11466-11600 Jul 5th
11601-11860 Jul 12th
11861-12050 Jul 19th
12051-? On or after Jul 26th