IoT Power Strip

IoT Power Strip

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This is an awesome upgrade that can automate your shopvac.
  • Universal control voltage 3-60VDC or 12-120VAC connects to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC or other micro. Or connect directly to a 12V to 48VDC or even 120VAC circuit.

  • High voltage wiring and safety hazards are eliminated.

  • A single input signal switches four outlets: one normally on, one normally off.
  • Optical isolation, relay hysteresis and de-bounce protection add safety.

  • A large MOV clamps surges for clean  90-140VAC power.

  • The durable SPDT control relay is rated at 30/40A, >400,000 operations at 12A or 2 million+ operations at 5A.

  • A 12A thermal safety circuit breaker switch prevents overloads.

  • Standard 24" C-13 detachable cord included free, cords up to 25' are optional.

  • Version 2 adds higher isolation voltage, un-switched outlet and mounting tabs.

  • Professionally built and tested. Not a kit.  Be up and running in minutes.

Other Considerations

1. In case you've lost it... we do have replacement IoT plugs available.

2. You'll also need 2-conductor 22awg wire to connect the plug to the strip.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John Fuller

I have not used the motor and drive yet, just getting it set up. But, it looks great. Hopefully I will get it ready in about two weeks.

paul frye
Iot power strip

I have to say it works perfectly and is of good quality...


Works well

David Chamberlain
Can’t review yet- still waiting on the full order

This was ordered with my 400hz 2.2 spindle 240 volts… my order is not complete and I can’t say how good this item is until it is all here and working…
But I have a hunch that I will be sending it back as my spindle is 240 volts and this device only regulates 110/120 volts…

Mitch Krupp
IoT Review

The IoT power strip works perfectly for turning the vacuum and cooling pump on and off in sync with the spindle. There are others working in the shop so I can tell what's happening just from the sound of the vacuum going on and off. I couldn't be happier!