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Our newest clamping product is just awesome... PwnCNC's Vise.

This plastic vise provides an innovative way of clamping your wood stock just above the bed of your machine just like the big boys do with aluminum.

They sit 28mm above the surface of your CNC's bed, 138mm wide to easily span Carbide3d's Hybrid T-Track placement, with the working side of the jaw being 14mm high by 88mm wide.

This vise is designed for the newest Carbide3d's hybrid T-Track beds for easy clamping.

This product comes with the following:

  • (1) Fixed base plus hardware ( High Infill Black PLA)
  • (1) Movable base plus hardware ( High Infill Black PLA)
  • (2) Flat Jaws (High Infill Yellow PETG)

Bed Mounting Hardware Add-ons

  • Just a few round washers and PwnCNC's 1/4-20 track washers
  • Carbide3d's Hybrid T-Track Bed - includes the hardware needed to mount the Vise to your Shapeoko's hybrid bed.
    • (4) PwnCNC T-Track v2 1/4-20 Nuts
    • (4) T-Track Nut spacers.
    • (4) 1/4-20 Screws
    • (2) PwnCNC's 1/4-20 Track Washers
    • (2) 1/4-20 Washers

Note:  These are only compatible with Carbide3d's hybrid t-track bed.  We are working on making these compatible for other bed types including Myers, as well as X-Carves in both 75 and 80mm hole spacing.

Also note that other jaw designs will be released in the future for a simple and interchangeable vise-clamping experience.