Spindle Kit
Spindle Kit
Spindle Kit
Spindle Kit
Spindle Kit
Spindle Kit
Spindle Kit
Spindle Kit
Spindle Kit

Spindle Kit

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All spindle kits expected to ship within 2-4 weeks of your order date.  
I'm very happy to release the PwnCNC Spindle Kit after scouring the internet and my brain for all of the best features. I've spent months identifying exactly what I'd like to see in a drop-in ready-to-use spindle kit and this is it ;-)

What's Included?
  • VFD
    • Detachable keypad with dial speedometer (extendable via cat5 cable, not included)
    • US Power Cord
    • includes "Quiet mode" (which means the VFD's fan turns on only when spindle is in use or when needed)
    • PWM and Modbus control capabilities
    • DIN rail or surface mountable
    • 20mo manufacturers warranty
    • OPTIONAL enclosure around the VFD makes this a truly plug-n-play spindle kit.
  • Spindle Motor of your size and either Air- or Water-cooled
    • 1.5kw w/ER11, 110v, 65mm diameter round body, 0-24000rpms
    • 1.5kw w/ER20, 110v, 80mm diameter round body, 0-24000rpms
    • 2.2kw w/ER20, 220v, 80mm diameter round body, 0-24000rpms
  • 15' Hand Crafted VFD to Spindle Cable
  • 12' Hand Crafted PWM or Modbus Control Cable
  • (3) Matching Collets to hold the most common bit sizes
  • (2) Wrenches (one for shaft, another for collet nut)
  • 110v Submersible Water Pump and tubing (if you chose the water-cooled spindle motor option)  (220v pump is available upon request)
  • PwnCNC Free Gift
What's Not Included:  Water-Cooled only
  • Coolant liquid (either distilled water or window washer fluid is recommended)
  • Reservoir bucket which will be filled with coolant and the included pump will be submerged into. (a 4gal bucket is the perfect size.)


Special Notes:
  • If you order our one-of-a-kind Kool Connectors with your kit... we'll preinstall them onto your motor free of charge.
  • "Just because it fits, doesn't mean it'll work."  We've recently added 1.5kw ER20 spindle motors to our options.  This makes it possible to put really large bits into the collet... like a 1/2" shank 2" surfacing bit.  This is a whole lot of mass to be spinning around and this is an instance where it is not recommend and you'll likely stall your motor/vfd and possibly cause damage. If you'd like to use such bits, we recommend going with more power with our 220v 2.2kw option.
  • If you have an older Shapeoko 3 (Pre-Black Friday 2019), the controller does NOT the proper PWM/GND pins... therefore you may not be able to use our spindle kits with automatic g-code control.  One option is to purchase an updated PCB the other is to reach out to us at support@pwncnc.com to discuss it further.
  • "fully plug-n-play" = the kit comes pre-programmed for the spindle size and for manual operation via the VFD.  If you're wanting automatic g-code controlled operation a few settings will need to be configured on the vfd and your cnc controller.  We have this process fully documented in our manual and have published videos to walk you through this simple process.
  • According to the manufacturer, runout of our spindles is 0.01mm (High accuracy)
  • This is wood working spindle, it can only be used for wood working and aluminum working, please don't use it for steel. If you need steel working, reach out to us at support@pwncnc.com and we're happy to help.

Already own our spindle kit but want an enclosure?  We've got you covered, look for an email from us sent beginning of July with a discount code for our VFD Enclosure.