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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lead time for ordering your boot?

We strive to always have products available on the shelf ready for shipping.  We always keep a huge collection of printed parts available and putting together a boot takes no longer than an hour in our facility.

What are the dust extraction requirements?

We include a 2.5" hose adapter with each and every boot.  However, if that isn't right for your setup, please reach out via and we'll happily exchange this for one that would fit your system... even if we have to design it up first.

How fast should I expect shipment?

We strive to ship our products the next business day from our headquarters here in Northwest Arkansas.  Shipping to continental US typically runs 2-5 business days via USPS.

What machines does your Dust Boot fit?

The PwnCNC Dust Boot v2 was designed for my personal machine... the Shapeoko XXL and works with both the included Stock X/Z Carriage AND the HDZ X/Z Carriage upgrade offered by Carbide 3d.  If you do not have a Shapeoko, we'd happily work with you to adapt the boot to your machine, please reach out via

What material is your products 3d printed from?

All of our products are printed out of Push Plastics PLA filament.  The expected conditions under which our products are used don't really warrant ABS or other materials.

Are any of your models open source?

We work very hard on engineering and always contribute back to the community!

You can find our 3D Models on Dan's Thingiverse profile page:

Return Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products... please reach out to us via  

We will gladly work with you to solve problems to our equal satisfaction!

Refer to our Return Policy document for details.