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This is a "bundler" product... you must answer the questions on this product page and we'll add the different parts to your shopping cart related to your answers.

All spindle kits are shipped as soon as possible., but please allow 1-3 weeks for fulfillment.
PwnCNC's Spindle Kits are done right.  They are packed with lots of features as well as high quality parts from manufacturers we truly believe in.  We have definitely nailed it with this product and we're certain you'll agree.
What makes PwnCNC's Spindle Kit different?

We've spent years gaining the expertise we're pouring into our spindle kits.  Every spindle kit is fully tested and includes the highest quality parts to make your experience as plug-n-play as is humanly possible.  All of our cables are properly shielded and drained to reduce electrical noise.  We add a very special EMI Power Inlet Filter to our VFD enclosure which ensures high voltage wiring is safely hidden.

We own many brands and configurations of CNC machines to ensure our kits are compatible.  We program the VFD to match the control method your particular CNC machine uses. 

  • Multiple motor options available (for woodworking unless otherwise specified):
    • 2Hp 1.5kw 110v 65mm Air- or Water-Cooled
    • 2Hp 1.5kw 110v 80mm Air- or Water-Cooled
    • 3Hp 2.2kw 220v 80mm Air- or Water-Cooled
    • There are a few special order motors listed as options. Note that we special order these from our motor manufacturer at the time you place your order.  It may take 2-4 weeks for your special-order motors to arrive.  This timeframe runs in parallel to any fulfillment timeframes listed above.
  • 65mm Motors use ER11 collets while 80mm Motors use ER20 collets
  • 1.5kw 110v Motors draw 12A while 2.2kw 220v Motors draw 10A
  • Woodworking are 2-pole motors with 8k-24k RPMs
  • RPM can be fully controlled by your G-code no matter which machine you own via PWM or Modbus "Automatic Control".
  • VFD Enclosure with an EMI filtering AC Power Inlet
What's Included?
  • Pre-wired and Pre-programmed VFD with our latest v4 Enclosure design.
    • Detachable keypad with dial speedometer (extendable via cat5 cable, not included)
    • US Power Cord (either 110v L5-20P or 220v L6-20P)
    • includes "Quiet mode" (which means the VFD's fan turns on only when needed)
    • PWM and Modbus automatic control capabilities (controlled through g-code programming)
    • 20mo manufacturers warranty on VFD
  • Spindle Motor of your size and cooling choice with 6mo warranty
    • 1.5kw w/ER11, 110v, 400Hz, 65mm diameter round body, 0-24000rpms
    • 1.5kw w/ER20, 110v , 400Hz, 80mm diameter round body, 0-24000rpms
    • 2.2kw w/ER20, 220v , 400Hz, 80mm diameter round body, 0-24000rpms
    • special order motors available
  • 16' Hand Crafted Plug-n-Play Spindle Power Cable included.  If you'd like longer cables, checkout our Spindle Cables by-the-foot. 
  • (3) Matching Collets to hold the most common bit sizes
  • (2) Wrenches (one for shaft, another for collet nut)
What's Not Included: 
  • 12' Hand Crafted Plug-n-Play Control Cable sold separately, however it is free with a spindle kit.  (free cable not combinable with other discounts)
  • Cooling pump available separately with choice of standard or clear flex tubing.
  • Coolant liquid (either mix of antifreeze/distilled-water or window washer fluid is recommended)
  • Reservoir bucket which will be filled with coolant and the included pump will be submerged into. (a 4gal bucket is the perfect size.)
Additional Documentation: https://support.pwncnc.com/kb/section/8/


Videos from Friends:



Which cooling option should I choose?

The choice between Air- or Water-cooling often depends on your setup preferences.  We've ran 3d carves that have lasted many days with both and have found little difference in their performance.  
General advice is if you're wanting to regularly carve aluminum go with water-cooled.  But if you're only hoping to do aluminum and mostly carve wood, the air-cooled is more than sufficient.

Where's the 2.2kw 110v motor option?

This gets a bit technical so bare with us.  In order for a 2.2kw motor to run efficiently at 110v, it requires 20amps of power.  In the US we have three 110v circuit options in which the most common and in every home is the 110v at 15amps.  In some rare cases folks will have 20amp plugs but a good rule of thumb with electricity is always make sure the circuit is rated for more than the device you're plugging into.  Therefore a 2.2kw 110v 20amp motor would require the next step up which is 110v at 30amp.
Our thought here is if you're going to pay an electrician to come out and install a 110v 30amp plug... it is far safer (lower voltage), more common, and even helps resale value of homes if you were to install a 220v 20amp plug instead.  (Resale??  It is very common for woodworking that tools come in 220v.  So for future owners of your home who want to put a shop where you did, it's more valuable to have a 220v circuit than a 110v 30amp circuit).
Thus we only offer 1.5kw motors max for 110v which only requires 12amps and work perfectly with a dedicated 110v 15amp plug.  For our 2.2kw 220v motors they only require 10amps to run efficiently.  

Due to all this electrical knowledge... we did identify the most valuable aspect of 2.2kw motors and that's the ER20 collets.  So we worked closely with our spindle motor manufacturer to provide a 1.5kw 80mm motor with an ER20 collet to achieve this.

How loud is a spindle compared to trim routers?  What about between cooling options?

The vast majority of noise you'll experience from spindle motors is when the bit is carving deep into your stock.  Compared to a palm router, spindles are virtually quiet.  A low hum for the most part.  Comparing Air- vs Water-cooled is another ;question.  Both are extremely quiet but Water-cooled does have the advantage.  Ex: 3d carving with a tapered ball-nose bit... you can turn off your extractor as very little chips are being produced.  Water-cooled motors will be virtually quiet.  The most noise you'll hear would be from the coolant pump.

Also checkout these video from WorkbenchCon 2023:  


I have a Shapeoko with a BitRunner, can I continue to use it?

Short answer is no... but that doesn't matter with our spindle kits.  Our VFD Enclosures have a very simple plug for use with an IoT power strip that provides the exact same functionality the BitRunner offers.  You can plug your dust extraction right into the IoT power strip, the strip into our VFD and when RPM's go over 5500... your extractor will turn on.

Why does it cost so much?

PwnCNC is a small company bringing innovative and unique products to the market.  We don't have millions or even tens of thousands to order pallet loads of supplies at once.  We've also poured our knowledge into the spindle kit with features not found anywhere else.  The testing, integration and wiring work takes time.  In addition, our VFD includes a 20-month warranty while our spindle motor includes a 6-month warranty.

Compared to purchasing parts off large online retailers, our spindle kits adds:

  • The most advanced VFD Enclosure on the market
  • EMI Filtering AC inlet
  • Simple IoT output port (replaces BitRunner)
  • All wiring shielded from interferance
  • Warranty and support
  • Testing and shipped to order

Should I choose ER11 or ER20... what's the difference?

ER20 collets support up to 1/2" shank bits, but this feature comes at a cost.  Only 80mm spindles can support such a large collet.  Typically this will require you to purchase an 80mm spindle mount from your CNC manufacturer.  
Helpful video about how collets work:  https://youtu.be/oLuf_A-K2v4

What is the runout of our motors?

According to our motor manufacturer, runout of our spindles is 0.01mm (High accuracy).

Can I carve mild-steel?

By default we sell motors for wood-working purposes.  These are typically 2-pole 400Hz motors that have a usable range between 8000-24000 RPMs.  However we do offer other motors upon request.  Purchased less frequently but still available are our 4-pole 800Hz motors that provide the higher torque at lower RPMs which is required for Metal-working.  Learn about one customers experience here.

    Notices and Warnings:
    • Our spindle kit is more than capable of plugging into a large variety of CNC machines.  We can't possibly own every single one, so we've listed the controllers we do own and you'll experience the most plug-n-play experience with.  If you have a machine not listed in the options above... it will work but there may be some required research or working with the manufacturer to determine if they support a plug-n-play spindle such as ours.  You can find additional information on hooking up our spindle kit into your CNC Controller here:  https://support.pwncnc.com/kb/section/30/
      Or reach out to us at support@pwncnc.com if you have additional questions.
    • Onefinity Black-Box controllers should be upgraded to firmware 1.3 or greater to receive the best experience.  It is possible to use our kit in automatic mode with firmware versions before 1.3 if you follow our Temporary Addendum
    • Shapeoko 5 Pro's Warthog controller has an extremely poor quality PWM signal. Plugging into their spindle port will result in incorrect RPM commands coming from the controller.  An ICSP header is available within the controller that provides a cleaner PWM signal.  We have designed a pigtail (purchased separately) that is working great in our testing.  Reach out to us via support@pwncnc.com to learn more.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 35 reviews
    Not tested yet but…

    I have only done a short test run while I’m waiting for my Onefinity CNC but everything from my communication with them prior to buying it to receiving the package has been flawless. Look forward to seeing how it performs.

    Scott Vallie
    65mm 220 volt spindle

    When asked to write a review, what do you say? Of course the products are great but for me it’s more important, Part of the equation is the customer service. As far as I’m concerned they have excellent customer service. My experiences this on a Sunday morning after only having my spindle a few weeks, an error code came up on the controller. Of course I googled it and tried to do a workaround but in the meanwhile, I sent support an email, figuring that I wouldn’t get a reply till Monday. I couldn’t have been More wrong 10 minutes after I sent an email, the owner of the company is emailing me , working through the problem all the way up and through FaceTime so we could solve the issue with my spindle now where in the world are you going to get that kind of help on a Sunday other than PwnCNC

    Onefinity Elite Foreman

    I don't have the CNC yet.

    Phil Jacobus
    Great Setup

    As soon as my onefinity arrives I’ll let you know. Sold my Shapeko so I lost. Sure every thing will be fine.

    Lawrence Thurman
    Do not have cnc uet

    No idea, it will be at least 4 more weeks until I get my cnc